Saturday, January 1, 2011

What a great two days!

Good evening,

Well yesterday I was scheduled to work from 3-11pm, but at 7pm I was able to come home due to the limited number of patients we had at work. That was lovely! Then, today I was scheduled to work from 7pm-7am, but at 9 or so they asked if I wanted to go home again, as no one else wanted too! Heck yeah! Of course I want to go home! ha...what a funny question to ask! Now here I am sitting at home in my PJs reading blogs, watching titanic-my all time FAVORITE movie ever!!!! while my hubby and H and O sleep! Glorious!

Now, my workout yesterday was an 8.25 mile run with speeds from 7.0mph-12.0 mph in 59:45 and then walked a couple minutes just to calm my heart down as I really wanted to get the .25 miles in (I have no idea why, just one of those crazy ideas i had in my I hate ending a run without it being to the quarter mile :)) then, onto the elliptical for 45 minutes, rowing for 10 minutes, biked for 10 minutes, lunges, deadlifts and short ab workout.

Today, I walked at 5.0mph-5.4mph (increasing minutes from 0-4 and then repeating the increase over the course of 60 minutes) all at an incline of 15%. I can tell my body is getting used to the incline, it was not that challenging today, think i may have to try walking/running outside when it warms up just a bit.. .I cannot run when it is 10 degrees outside-at least not run and enjoy it! Then i did the elliptical for 30 minutes with intervals from level 6-10 and biked for 30 minutes at level 3...not hard, but for some reason still feels like a good workout! finished it with a good ab workout!

Before work I also headed to Target...I absolutely LOVE target! The Christmas clearance section was fabulous! sI got lots of little stuff from the dollar section for a quarter-they had cute little dry erase boards, boards books, tin buckets, pens and pencils. Perfect for my kids to give their little friends for either their own bday parties (in the little goody bags) or to give to a friend with another gift for their bday or to one of their cousins! I also got some super cute little Disney princess chapstick kits and nail polish kits for 1.24 i think! and lots of gift boxes for .25-.50 for 2-4 packs! I seem to never have enough boxes as they always get ruined when little kids open them! I also got some christmas marshmallows (for.29 per bag) christmas frosting (.40 per jar) and one box of funfetti cake(for .42) and some sprinkles and white little edible pearls to put on cookies. And on top of all the X-mas crap I bought I needed to get groceries and using coupons today I ended up saving baout 70.00!!!! The lady at the checkout was bizarre-she was telling me that her hubby would never let her "cut coupons". I was not sure how to respond. As my hubby and I both drive nice vehicles, live in a fine house-not new, but that is okay with me at the age of 25!, have two great kids, I get to work parttime, and we have money in the i told her that I do not do it because we cannot afford groceries, but instead that by using coupons I am able to save enough money to get new cabinets in my kitchen this year or go on our vacation to Boston this spring, or go on our camping trips over the summer and so that to me it is really worth it. She responded to me by saying, "well i just dont think i could ever do it" with like a snotty tone like she was too good to coupon; however, she is the one working at Target for 8.00/hr ???!?! hmmmm.....maybe you should!

Well, I am so happy I get to be home tonight and tomorrow! We are working on potty training Olivia, and I really do not want to buy more diapers. I bought four small packs today and I really do not want to purchase any more! But, she just keeps on peeing in her undies...we will see how tomorrow goes!

Hope you all are having a great weekend and a wonderful 2011~Katie

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