Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Run, zoo, tuesday fun!

Another day with no peanut butter, or nsaids, and tolerable abdominal pain. I am hoping it is helping my gut....but i also did get an appt with my gi doc in 2 weeks, so that should help me figure out my lymphocytic colitis plan of action. :( 

This morning started off with an 8 mile run, i was hoping for 12 today but that will wait til thursday. Henry biked himself and i wasnt certain he was ready for 12 miles; however, i think he would have made it! 

Then we went to the Como zoo in St.paul, MN. If you are ever in MN it is a great zoo to visit! Free admission, sea lion shows, lots of small animal exhibits throughout zoo (snakes, parrots, etc.) with staff talking about each animal. The kids love it! They also have rides ($), which we do not always do, but did today! We also brought my nephew with today so the kids had a blast! 

When we got home the kids enjoyed having their cousin here and played outside, ate supper, then went to the ball field while i went biking! I had a great ride. It was nice and peaceful after a day filled with kids laughter, screams, and fun!

Here are a few photos to recap the day.....


Monday, July 22, 2013


I am on vacation for two weeks!!!!! :) as soon as i got out of work this morning i saw my reminder in my phone for vacation, needless to say, i am excited! Tomorrow i plan to run in the am, and do my daily hiit then its off to Como zoo with the kids and my nephew! 

Today's workout was boring, but at least i did it. Elliptical for an hour and walk pushing Olivia and henry biked 5.5 miles in 1:03:00! 

Today i also did not eat any peanut butter, it was hard but i think i am going to try it for a few weeks and see if it helps my lymphocytic colitis.... We shall see! I need to find other filling foods though because i was hungry for most of the day today while awake..... Suggestions????

Ill leave you with a few pics from the day! 

My favorite flower blooming at our house! 

View from my walk....and finally, my henry riding independently on his new big bike! He was the speedster tonight, i could not ever catch up! Tomorrow am we will see how it goes when i want to run with him biking!?!? 

Good night~katie

Work weekend!

Working all weekend night shifts = one tired mom/wife/nurse! I cannot wait until Tuesday morning when I can wake up and feel refreshed again. A brief synopsis of my weekend workout wise:

Saturday-Elliptical 45 minutes, Bike 10 minutes (recummbent bike at gym), Walk outside 35 minutes
Work 12 hours
Sunday-Sleep most of day, homework, and 13 mile bike ride in 45 minutes! Great ride. Nice and peaceful.

I am currently battling some bad stomach problems related to my Celiac's and lymphocytic colitis. I have been having lots of stomachaches. I am really hoping that this week I can get some answers to try to fix this problem and start feeling a bit better, but for now Pepto Bismol will continue to be my friend!

Goals for this week:

1. Have fun with the kids! (Monday-nothing too much, Tuesday-Zoo/Oxbow Park, Wednesday-Lake City swimming/hiking at Frontenac SP, Thursday-I have a school shadowing experience so not much, Friday-Waterpark/campground with in-laws, Saturday-biking in Lanesboro/maybe campground/swimming, Work party, Sunday-shopping and prepping for Duluth trip during week....)

2. Run 12 miles Tuesday at 7:45 pace
    Run 2-8 mile runs during the week
    Bike 55 miles
    Daily HIIT 3x
    Ab workout 3x

3. Limit gym time and maximize outdoor time!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Minnesota summers

Today was a great day, although very hot! Olivia and i went for a run around 10 am and it was already 87 degrees and muggy. :( so todays 8 miler was a bit slower than normal with many more water/wipe off breaks! Thankfully we survived and olivia just wanted to talk, talk, talk..... We came home and i mowed lawn.... Another sweat fest! 
At the park playing post-run....
My new pair of brooks adrenelines i wore today! I love them just as i did my pair that ive worn for the past month and that now have holes from too much wear! 

Olivia swinging on the bars, she is so good at them! 
Olivias photography skills.... She wanted me to look like i was running! 

After the run, park and lawn mowing i headed to the gym for a bit....i hit up the elliptical and watched some sleepless in seattle! Then did a dailyhiit routine for about 20 minutes! And my legs and abs certainly feel it! 

Target was calling my name today so we headed there this afternoon and found some great deals.... Lots of 50-70% off!!! My kind of shopping!
Here is a photo of all the toys i bought (i do have 9, soon to be 10 nieces and nephews) 

Well off to bed!! I have 36 hours of night shifts to prepare for, but then 2 more weeks off! I cannot wait!!! 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Two 12 hr night shifts make me exhausted and tired! But yesterday when i woke up i did have a nice and hot 8 mile walk (kidless!) in 1:30:00. When i woke up today i went for a 16.3 mile bike ride in 1:00:40! I was very happy with my ride.    The rest of the night will be filled with diet coke, more diet coke, homework ( for my msn), reading to the kids, water balloons, pool, supper, and hopefully some tae-bo or bodyrock before bed! Here is my photo of the day.... Well actually 2.... It is the funniest book ever! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday Workouts/Work Week

So, I have been off of work since July 4th and it has been awesome! I have had so much fun playing with the kids, swimming, camping, and relaxing. Now, this week is the exact opposite. I work 5-12 hour night shifts...I am going to be exhausted come next Monday morning! However, then I will be off until August 6th! I cannot wait! During that two week vacation we are going to have more fun!

Yesterday's workout consisted of walking with Olivia in the stroller for an hour, 60 minutes on the elliptical and a 22 minute dailyhiit workout. I did change the workout a bit, because some moves for me just do not workout the way they look in their videos...so...

Intervals 10 seconds rest, 30 seconds exercise 35 rounds

Reverse lunge, bicep curl and shoulder press with sandbag

Side Lunge with 15 #dumbbell

Push up to T Right and Left

Sumo squat with sandbag (2 rounds I did with DB and did woodchops, as described on dailyhiit, but I could not get the hang of it so i just did SB sumo squats instead)

V-abs with ball (Large Yoga ball between feet, leg lift, ab lift to get ball, lower ball over head, then back up to get ball with feet)

Row Plank with 10# dumbbells

Up-Down Plank

It was a great way to end my workout!

The best part is I got home from the gym and my hubby was grilling BBQ chicken breasts! Delicious!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend fun!

23 mile bike ride pulling olivia in bike trailer and an 8 mile run at 7:30-7:45 pace (pushing olivia in stroller!). Great sunday! 

Here are some other photos from the weekend which included the kenny chesney zbb concert , waterpark with kids, columbus ship viewing, cousin fun, and fireworks at mazeppa daze!