Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautiful Snow...Again!

Tonight I pulled the kids in their sleds outside for an hour and it was so beautiful outside. The weather was nice, it was not too windy, the temp did not seem too bad (but i was in snowpants, winter jacket, hat, mittens, scarf!) and the kids seemed to enjoy it too! It ended up being a great workout, when I got home I was just drenched with sweat! Pulling two kids in sleds up and down hills, whew! And henry thinks it is really fun to have me run and pull them, but wow I can only do that for a minute or two!

In addition to that I did go to the gym and ran for 35 minutes-4.7 miles, walked at 15% incline/5mph for 25 minutes, elliptical for an hour and biked/read for 30 minutes. So, big day of exercise. It felt good, but I was hoping to get in a long run, but I just did not have it in me today and it was snowing outside so I was not comfortable running for too long outside on slippery streets!

Yesterday I did get up early in the morning before Olivias appt and did the elliptical for an hour and walked 30 minutes. Then I took Olivia to her appt, which was good, but the better part was going to Target afterwards. A large toy selection had been clearanced to 75% off!!!! I got so many presents for the upcoming year, it was fabulous! Having 7 nieces/nephews is lovely, but expensive to buy them all birthday gifts and then christmas presents, so I did get a large selection of toys for the upcoming year! I will have to add a photo sometime soon! here is a short list of the things i got:

Little Tikes Tool Bench (79.99-19.98)
Barbie Doll House Collection (59.99-14.98)
Barbie Yacht (39.99-9.98)
Dora Dollhouse (79.99-19.98)
MegaBlocks (29.99-7.48)
Thomas Trains (10-2.50)
Scooters-Tinkerbell (29.99-14.98)
Car Race Track (59.99-14.98)
Jewelry Armoire (59.99-29.99)
Doll (24.99-6.24)
VTech Toy (24.99-6.24)
2 Leapster Games (24.99-6.24)
Guitar (10-2.50)

Overall, I ended up spending about 230.00 but retail would have been 840.00

Awesome shopping trip!

Tomorrow I have a baby shower in Minneapolis and my mom and I are planning to go to Ikea first and then to test drive a van or two! We shall see....

Hope you have a great weekend,


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vans, Trucks, Tired, Random thoughts

I just have to share that as I am typing now the kids are crawling on the floor weaving around all of our chairs and are just laughing like it is the funniest thing they have ever done! It is so fun to watch kids actually play together and have fun...because i know in a moment they will be fighting (like right now when i have to tell them to stop taking each others straws!).

In my last post I was describing what i hoped to accomplish on monday afternoon. Since I worked Monday night it is a challenge because I really like to take a nap in the afternoon so I am a bit more awake all night long. But, since I was lazy and could not get up early in the morning (an ongoing problem for me!) I had to have a babysitter come in the afternoon so I could go to the gym. I ended up doing tae bo for 50 minutes before the gym, ten ran for 50 minutes..not too fast...more just to get a run in. But, then did have a good workout on the elliptical for an hour and ten minutes on the bike.

Yesterday I got home from work in the morning and slept until 420 when Henry came to wake me up. I typically try to go to the gym at 3, but i was just too tired from not taking a nap the day before...kind a lose-lose situation. So, no gym. I did end up doing my 15 minute ab video and 15 minute buns video. And surprisingly my buns and abs are both a a bit sore today. So for not doing too much I still feel like it was not a complete day off.

This morning I got home from work at 8, ate my gluten free toast with pb and honey and went to bed. I only slept until 12. I was going to try to wake up at 11 and go to the gym, but understandably I was just not able to wake up after 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Once I got up and moving Scott wanted to go ice fishing so I let him go so he could get back home this evening and I could spend just a little bit of time with him before I pass out tonight. After the kids laid down I did tae bo (a different video than monday) for 45 minutes. Then, again a babysitter came after school. Off i went to the gym for an hour run (slower only between 7-7.5 mph, but 1-3% incline) It was a nice run, but just slower than i like-but what do i expect on 2 1/2 hours of sleep??? i also did the elliptical for 45 minutes. Overall, good day for exercise. Hopefully tomorrow or friday I will get in a good run. It is looking like it will be friday though, as tomorrow olivia has her 2 year old check up at 745 am and then i have a few other errands to run in rochester (like go to the new TRADER JOES!!!-i know shocking that i have not been there, because they apparently have a great selection of gluten free items!). Hopefully I will be able to get up early tomorrow and get a workout in before olivias appt. (WOW! that sounds early!)

Onto cars, so my lease on my 2008 Camry-which i love-is coming to an end in February and we need to decide what to buy after the lease. We have been thinking about it for a while. I want us to get a van and Scott wants a truck. We already have an AWD SUV. We could use a truck for pulling our camper as it certainly would have more power than a van or SUV, but our SUV works. Also, he will be done with school in a year and I think that would be a great time to buy himself a treat (aka truck). As much as i would like one, i just do not think it has a lot of practical uses currently. The other issue is that my budget for a vehicle is between about 15-20K. I do not want huge car payments every month. Used trucks in that price range are 2005-2006 trucks with 70-100K miles. That just seems like too many miles to pay 20K for... A van does not have a ton of uses either, but it would give us the ability to take another child with us, it would have automatic doors and rear tailgate-which i would LOVE! We are currently thinking of a Kia sedona, between 2009-2011. There are not many out there and they are the safest vans on the market. We have a few people we know that drive them and love them, so we will see....any opinions???

Monday, January 10, 2011


Good Morning,

Well saturday morning started with a trip to the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical, 15 of walking at 5mph and 15%incline, and biking for 15 minutes then a quick ab workout.

Then we headed up to my brothers house near alexandria, a 3 hour drive away for nephews 6th bday party. it was a great day. we did not do too much, but in the afternoon we did get outside for a little 'sledding' -we just pulled kids in the sleds out on the lake. by the time we got out there i was sweating away!

Yesterday was a day full of homework for me (i had to do some discussion responses, a 3-5 page paper, a plan of study, and another assignment). I really spent a large part of the day doing that and then cleaning house. i was really going to try to squeeze in the gym or a workout, but there just was not a great time to do it and that is the way it goes sometimes! so the kids and i did do a fwe jumping jacks and push ups...if they count for anything! I am really hoping to get in a nice run this afternoon, get on the elliptical (after my babysitter comes over after school) and maybe a tae bo video to make up for yesterdays lack of anything (before the babysitter arrives!).

Tonight it is off to work for the night and tomorrow night again.

I am currently debating applying for a job that would be FT days...just not sure that is what I want. Maybe later today I will apply for it, I can always go to an interview and not get it or not accept the job offer. My biggest question is the pay, would it be enough to cover daycare costs for FT daycare.

It is already snowing here and it sounds like it is going to snow through today and tomorrow. Hopefully we do not get too much snow.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Long run, finally!

Good Evening,

sorry for the couple days off, but with working two nights this week (tues. and wednesday) and then needing to stay awake with the kids on thursday when scott was at! I was wiped out and needed a lot of sleep to catch up!

Wednesday consisted of sleeping most of the day after working until 730am! When I woke up it was off to the gym for a quick hour and a half workout before heading to work again! If I remember correctly I did an hour on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the bike. Very boring, not too much of a challenge, but it does wake me up really well before another night shift!

Thursday was a day off, I had enough of a challenge staying awake with a one and three year old, I was hoping to get to the gym when my hubby got home from work, but after he got home I just had no energy, do it was just a day off!

Today I got in a great run, unfortunately it was all on a treadmill at the gym because it was 10 degrees outside and very windy. I have no problem running up to about 10 miles on the treadmill, much longer and it does get a bit boring! But, I ran 16 miles in 2 hours, I was happy with that. My legs felt a little sore when i was done, so I was happy!

Tomorrow we have my nephews birthday party up by alexandria, we will see if i can get my buns out of bed at 530 so i can go to the gym and get in a workout before we leave at 8!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fabulous Run!

Good morning,

I am just getting caught up at work now so I thought I would type up a quick post!

Yesterday I only had about an hour and a half to workout between the babysitter getting there after school and me needing to get ready for work, take the kids to gma and gpas and drive to work! But, it was a great workout! I really was trying to 7 miles in 45 minutes, but without my ipod I have a tough time getting right into a run, so I alternated running 8.0-8.5mph every 30 seconds with running 9.0-10.5 mph every 30 seconds for 45 minutes straight, great workout, but still only got in 6.65 miles...oh well, still an awesome run! then it was off the the elliptical again for 45 minutes at level 9 and then a 5 minute cool down on the bike! rather boring, but I got to watch TCL and Ellen!

I do wish our little bitty gym had more machines to offer me, but we have only four treadmills, four ellipticals-2 with moving arms and two without, one recumbent bike, a rowing machine and free and machine does get a little old, and i am starting to wish for a bit warmer weather so that I can get out of the gym and house and exercise on the road and do a few long runs on the road. And, go for a real bike ride...a rec. bike is SO not for me, but it works in the off season!

Hope you have a great day and a great workout, I will be sleeping away most of my day and then back to work again tonight!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Celiacs...oh how i hate thee...

So, I have Celiacs. I cannot stand having it. Yesterday I made waffles (gf) for myself and then some regular ones for my hubby and kids...well at one point totally not thinking I used my knife to put butter on their waffles and then used it to add butter to mine. So, all day I have had an ongoing stomachache. It is so awful.

Yesterday was a day off from the gym for me. I just did my Ultimate Tae-Bo video and another little video for a total of 1 hour of exercise. Lots of cleaning/organizing at home.

Today, since I did not feel real well I was not sure if I would go to the gym or not. But, I could not find a babysitter for after school, so I just figured that was Gods way of saying no gym today. I did a differend tae bo video this afternoon for 35 minutes, a 15 minute ab video and a 15 minute butt video. But...then hubby came home from work and I just figured I could go run a slow hour on the treadmill at the gym and watch te news and wheel of fortune, it would not be that bad! I ended up having an awesome 8.15 mile run at 1-2% incline and a thirty minute elliptical workout. Now I feel much better, still have a bad stomachache, but it is amazing how much better a run, some socialization and alone time makes me feel.

Hope your week is going well! ~Katie

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What a great two days!

Good evening,

Well yesterday I was scheduled to work from 3-11pm, but at 7pm I was able to come home due to the limited number of patients we had at work. That was lovely! Then, today I was scheduled to work from 7pm-7am, but at 9 or so they asked if I wanted to go home again, as no one else wanted too! Heck yeah! Of course I want to go home! ha...what a funny question to ask! Now here I am sitting at home in my PJs reading blogs, watching titanic-my all time FAVORITE movie ever!!!! while my hubby and H and O sleep! Glorious!

Now, my workout yesterday was an 8.25 mile run with speeds from 7.0mph-12.0 mph in 59:45 and then walked a couple minutes just to calm my heart down as I really wanted to get the .25 miles in (I have no idea why, just one of those crazy ideas i had in my I hate ending a run without it being to the quarter mile :)) then, onto the elliptical for 45 minutes, rowing for 10 minutes, biked for 10 minutes, lunges, deadlifts and short ab workout.

Today, I walked at 5.0mph-5.4mph (increasing minutes from 0-4 and then repeating the increase over the course of 60 minutes) all at an incline of 15%. I can tell my body is getting used to the incline, it was not that challenging today, think i may have to try walking/running outside when it warms up just a bit.. .I cannot run when it is 10 degrees outside-at least not run and enjoy it! Then i did the elliptical for 30 minutes with intervals from level 6-10 and biked for 30 minutes at level 3...not hard, but for some reason still feels like a good workout! finished it with a good ab workout!

Before work I also headed to Target...I absolutely LOVE target! The Christmas clearance section was fabulous! sI got lots of little stuff from the dollar section for a quarter-they had cute little dry erase boards, boards books, tin buckets, pens and pencils. Perfect for my kids to give their little friends for either their own bday parties (in the little goody bags) or to give to a friend with another gift for their bday or to one of their cousins! I also got some super cute little Disney princess chapstick kits and nail polish kits for 1.24 i think! and lots of gift boxes for .25-.50 for 2-4 packs! I seem to never have enough boxes as they always get ruined when little kids open them! I also got some christmas marshmallows (for.29 per bag) christmas frosting (.40 per jar) and one box of funfetti cake(for .42) and some sprinkles and white little edible pearls to put on cookies. And on top of all the X-mas crap I bought I needed to get groceries and using coupons today I ended up saving baout 70.00!!!! The lady at the checkout was bizarre-she was telling me that her hubby would never let her "cut coupons". I was not sure how to respond. As my hubby and I both drive nice vehicles, live in a fine house-not new, but that is okay with me at the age of 25!, have two great kids, I get to work parttime, and we have money in the i told her that I do not do it because we cannot afford groceries, but instead that by using coupons I am able to save enough money to get new cabinets in my kitchen this year or go on our vacation to Boston this spring, or go on our camping trips over the summer and so that to me it is really worth it. She responded to me by saying, "well i just dont think i could ever do it" with like a snotty tone like she was too good to coupon; however, she is the one working at Target for 8.00/hr ???!?! hmmmm.....maybe you should!

Well, I am so happy I get to be home tonight and tomorrow! We are working on potty training Olivia, and I really do not want to buy more diapers. I bought four small packs today and I really do not want to purchase any more! But, she just keeps on peeing in her undies...we will see how tomorrow goes!

Hope you all are having a great weekend and a wonderful 2011~Katie