Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautiful Snow...Again!

Tonight I pulled the kids in their sleds outside for an hour and it was so beautiful outside. The weather was nice, it was not too windy, the temp did not seem too bad (but i was in snowpants, winter jacket, hat, mittens, scarf!) and the kids seemed to enjoy it too! It ended up being a great workout, when I got home I was just drenched with sweat! Pulling two kids in sleds up and down hills, whew! And henry thinks it is really fun to have me run and pull them, but wow I can only do that for a minute or two!

In addition to that I did go to the gym and ran for 35 minutes-4.7 miles, walked at 15% incline/5mph for 25 minutes, elliptical for an hour and biked/read for 30 minutes. So, big day of exercise. It felt good, but I was hoping to get in a long run, but I just did not have it in me today and it was snowing outside so I was not comfortable running for too long outside on slippery streets!

Yesterday I did get up early in the morning before Olivias appt and did the elliptical for an hour and walked 30 minutes. Then I took Olivia to her appt, which was good, but the better part was going to Target afterwards. A large toy selection had been clearanced to 75% off!!!! I got so many presents for the upcoming year, it was fabulous! Having 7 nieces/nephews is lovely, but expensive to buy them all birthday gifts and then christmas presents, so I did get a large selection of toys for the upcoming year! I will have to add a photo sometime soon! here is a short list of the things i got:

Little Tikes Tool Bench (79.99-19.98)
Barbie Doll House Collection (59.99-14.98)
Barbie Yacht (39.99-9.98)
Dora Dollhouse (79.99-19.98)
MegaBlocks (29.99-7.48)
Thomas Trains (10-2.50)
Scooters-Tinkerbell (29.99-14.98)
Car Race Track (59.99-14.98)
Jewelry Armoire (59.99-29.99)
Doll (24.99-6.24)
VTech Toy (24.99-6.24)
2 Leapster Games (24.99-6.24)
Guitar (10-2.50)

Overall, I ended up spending about 230.00 but retail would have been 840.00

Awesome shopping trip!

Tomorrow I have a baby shower in Minneapolis and my mom and I are planning to go to Ikea first and then to test drive a van or two! We shall see....

Hope you have a great weekend,


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  1. W0w- you got some STEALS shopping! I love redtag clearance at Target!

    Weather was so nice here last week and I took the kids sledding too! I think I had more fun than they did!

    Nice job with the workouts:)