Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday Exercise Report

Good Morning,

so yesterday was a good day because scott came home from his little mini vacation so I was able to go to the gym when he came home and did not have to pay for a babysitter! my workout was a 60 minute interval workout on the treadmill going from odd minutes were running at 7.0mph at 10-15% incline and even minutes were walking at 5.0 mph at 10-15% incline. Great workout! Then the elliptical for 45 minutes and the bike for 15 minutes. All in all a good workout!

I am trying to decide what other runs to do other than the Boston marathon this year. So over the upcoming week I am going to try to look at runs in MN and possibly where we are going to vacation and see if I can get any of our vacations to line up with a few races. I am also going to start plotting out a few camping trips over the summer, so that we might be able to arrange a trip or two with others! It is so much more fun for the kids and scott and i if others come with!

Have a great day~Katie

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wiped out...

Well today was a great day, I got a great workout this am and then went to the MOA with my sister, my kids and her son! I ended up getting a pair of grey dress pants, black dress pants and three pairs of jeans, 5 shirts and one dress, along with three pairs of earrings, two headbands and a few hair clips. (The only thing I bought for the kids was a pair of new tennis shoes for Henry from Nordstrom Rack for 20.00-nikes-and he also got a pair of Puma shorts) I was proud of myself for limiting my buying of childrens clothes, as neither of them need any more clothes right now!

My sister and I did have a VERY interesting experience with the poor sales lady at Ann Taylor Loft (my favorite store ever!). I loved this eggplant colored jacket, but they only had it in size 2 and size 14. The sales lady says something along the lines of "oh yeah you wont fit in those, what size did you need?" I reply that normally a size 4 in a jacket. She responds with "oh really, you are a size four? I thought you to be a different size a 2 or something..." (um, did you not just say that I would not fit in the size 2?!?!?!) then she goes on to say "well, because I am a size 4, again not sure what this meant??!?! My sister and i were laughing so hard, I had such a hard time keeping a straight face until we were out of the store. Poor girl, but it really made me question what size she thought i was?!?! who knows, made for a great laugh!

But we got to the MOA at 1145 and we did not leave until around 530 or 545, wow, lots of walking in high heeled boots! My feet are enjoying this rest at home!

So, my workout this am consisted of running 8.0 miles at 1-2% incline over 61 minutes. I was hoping for exactly one hour, but i just could not get into running very fast until thirty minutes. One of the challenges of a small gym is the lack of motivation from other runners. That was one thing I loved about the YMCA, at least there was always someone running and others always exercising hard so I could get a little inspiration from them, not so much at our gym in Zta. Thankfully someone was running for about a half hour of my run!

Then, I hopped on the elliptical for 45 minutes, that were rather challenging!
Followed by lunges, squats and ab work!

GREAT workout! Felt so good afterwards and happy that I had a babysitter this morning, even though it cost me 13.00 to go workout today! oh well, the price of happiness!

tomorrow my hubby comes home from his little vacation, so them i should not need a babysitter again for a few days!

hope you had a great workout today too!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So today started by me working overnight and coming home to sleep from 830am-1150am. I had a babysitter here today with the kids, as my husband went to Milwaukee (sp?) with some college friends until thursday evening, but she had to leave at 2. So, I knew I would need to get up and get moving if I wanted to get in a workout today. I was happy to get to the gym and ended up having an okay workout. On the elliptical for 60 minutes, walked at 5mph at 15% incline for 15 minutes and biked 3.0 miles in 15 minutes. It was okay, pretty normal for me after working a night shift and only getting a few hours of sleep. Then, after the kids woke up from their naps I took them sledding and pulled them in their sleds around Zta for 45 minutes. I am planning to do my ab workout tonight because I just did not have time to do it at the gym earlier. But, we will see as I have dishes to do, laundry to do, vacuuming to do...

Tomorrow I am thinking about going to the MOA, but just not sure if I feel like competing with the crowds that I know will be there when kids are off from school. I LOVE that I have so many days off during the week so I can usually go on a tuesday morning or something. Then there are not nearly as many people there. I just have to figure out when I can get a babysitter tomorrow so I can have a workout. I would prefer in the morning, but no high school babysitter I know wants to come to my house at 6am to babysit when she is off of school.

It sounds like another big rain/snow storm coming this weekend, yuck! Not excited about that. I do not really mind the snow, even though we already have record amounts of it. I just do not want rain on top of the snow to make it either slushy everywhere or slippery everywhere.

Hope you had a great workout too!

Workout and 2011

Yesterday, Monday i was planning to sleep most of the day and just get in a short work due to having to work on Sunday night from 7p-7a and monday night from 7p-7a but ended up leaving work at 3am because they needed one nurse to go home early! It worked out really well, I slept from 4am-12pm and felt fabulous when I woke up...and amazingly still feel quite wide awake! But, I then went for a run outside (I know...WOW!), amazing for me, because i hate being cold outside when the wind is blowing and I am frozen, I just hate it! Especially when i can just run at the gym where it is nice and warm! But...anyways...I ran i think what was about 8 or 8.5 miles in an hour on slippery/slushy roads in Zumbrota. It was really refreshing and afterwards, despite having legs that were frozen, really felt rejuvenated and I have actually though that maybe today i will go out and run again outdoors...maybe I am delusional at 230 am?!?! but, then I came home and changed into gym clothes and went on the elliptical for an hour and biked for 30 minutes. Biking is like my new favorite thing at the gym. I just wished that they had a more regular bike as opposed to a recumbent bike, because it is an okay workout, but I still feel like a bike where I can stand up and change the resistance is so much better! oh well. No time for weights, but hopefully today i will have a few extra minutes to do some weight exercises.

Lately I have been trying to think of my own goals for 2011. I have read on multiple different blogs their goals/resolutions for 2011 and yet I cannot remember having a new years resolution in many years, so I think I will just make some goals for 2011.

1. Read my devotional book daily, hope that it inspires me to be more connected to God, myself, my kids, my husband and my patients. I love Christian music and I feel very connected when I listen to that music, but I often find that I am too busy to really listen to the words and soak them up. I love it though when i am in the car and I hear a certain songs lyrics and I can immediately feel the tension from me just dissipate. After busy nights at work I love to get in the car, turn on KTIS and hear Chris Rices song Come to Jesus it just makes you realize that if you ever have a problem or blessing you can and should share it with Jesus. So, I would really like to become a better Christian person and mother.

2. Run longer runs once weekly. Possibly start running with others in Zumbrota as a way to do so. I have a hard time running longer runs all by myself, so I would love to run with a few other people but it is hard to find people that run similar times/distances. I may try to start a little running group in Zumbrota-that could follow the path of Team R.E.D. (run, eat, drink) in Byron. I would just love to build a little group of people that once weekly could get together and run and socialize. It might even be a way for Scott and I to get in a little time together if it could work out for him to come too and we could get a babysitter.

3. Complete another triathlon

4. Finish Boston-Enjoy it, live in the moment and really enjoy my time on vacation with my hubby!

5. Lose 8 pounds...sounds crazy but that would put me at my goal weight so I would be happy, it is just hard to lose weight when you run/exercise 2 hours daily because I really do get famished from it all and I really only have extra fat on my abdomen that I want to get rid of, but it is hard to get it off that area after having two kids. oh well, maybe this will be the year!

6. Save 5000.00 not for retirement, just for extra savings. I would like to have a better pile for purchases we want to make and not feel burdened by the extra expense.

7. Continue with school and hope that scott graduates and finds a job in our area for next spring!!!!

8. New kitchen cupboards...this is really one that i am not sure we will be able to afford with Scott in school and student teaching next fall, but I would love to try to make it work. Our kitchen is SO small, that it would be SO helpful to have a bigger kitchen with a bit more cabinetry and a dishwasher integrated somewhere in the design! because with four people there are a lot of dishes and I hate washing dishes ALL of the time.

well, there are my goals for 2011...what are yours?


2010 Recap

Glad you all could join me as I start blogging about my Exercise Life. I have been reading more and more running blogs lately and decided that maybe I should start doing one too. I already have the family blog at, but hopefully this will be a great addition! I am going to start with a recap of 2010 highlights:

January: Nothing Exciting, regular training NO resolution!
February: Olivia turned 1. I ran the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon-it was freezing, in my book, but i think was like 15 degrees or something. I placed 3rd I think and my time was around 1:40 or 1:45 which I was very happy with considering how darn cold it was and the fact that I am a treadmill runner in the winter when it is freezing out!
March-May-Really nothing other than regular exercise/running. Henry turned 3!
June- My first triathlon-only with the encouragement from my MIL and my kids and parents there cheering me on! It was CRAZY! Swam .25 miles, Biked 10, and Ran 5K-1:10 Placed 4th in my age group! Considering I had not ever practiced swimming, like truly the last time I had been in water with a swimsuit on was for H and Os swimming lessons in March. And I ended up finishing the swimming portion in 8:40...impressive for me! I thought there was NO way I was going to do a triathlon again!
October-Ran Whistlestop Marathon with the hopes of qualifying for Boston...and did! 3:39 minutes....amen! signed up for Boston marathon and was confirmed! so...Boston 2011 here I come!
End of October I ran the MonsterDash 10 mile in 1:12...??? Not sure exactly, but my time was something like that! Placed 2nd for women/or my age group again, not exactly sure...but either way, pretty good!
Now, I am just trying to look ahead to 2011 and make a plan to stay focused!