Sunday, May 29, 2011

Body Rock and other new moves…

Sorry I have not posted again in a while, but things just get busy with two kids and I really do not have any NEW news to share! I just keep doing pretty much the same things over and over again! I am trying to increase my weight lifting time and/or plyometrics and ab exercises.  I know I do a lot of cardio, and that is really good and all, but I also know that I need to do a bit more for my abs if I want to look like I did not have two kids! I would really love to have nice, flat abs, but as anyone who has had kids knows, it is nearly impossible to get rid of the extra skin that is there after all that growing! Anyways….that is what I am aiming for! So lately I have been doing exercises from bodyrock, which…whew! Yesterday at the gym I did two sets of exercises from there and surprisingly today I am not that sore, but I am supposed to run today and since I was lazy and did not get up early this AM I have to run with two kids today, and I am just not quite feeling like it! I think part of that is because I am a bit exhausted from the workout yesterday! This upcoming week is my “bad” week at work, but it still is not too bad…I work M/T/F/Sun nights, so really not terrible! But I am going to aim for 40 miles this week of running since I am not planning on running any big races too soon, and I will also do my regular elliptical workout, plyometrics 3 or 4 times this week and try to do a bit more biking! I really love biking, but it is hard to find the time between rainy, cold/chilly, and windy days! So we will see how this week goes.

Med City marathon, half and relay is happening in rochester today, I would have liked to ran a part of that race.  but I just hate the time commitment for half of my day and the amount of money it costs to get into all these events.  The only things that I am really planning as of right now are a 5 or 10k for our zumbrota covered bridge fest on june 18 and then on the 19th doing the sprint triathlon in rochester. Then, not anything until august when I do ragnar.  I am still debating a fall marathon??! I would like to do one, but I am not sure when/where.  I will keep looking.  Some that I am thinking of: Twin Cities, Whistlestop, Chicago or ????

Well I need to change my clothes and look at the weather to see if going for a run is going to happen or if we will get soaked!  I really do not want to run up and down our street during naptime, that is way too boring!

Oh yeah, and last night we went to the Twins game! Great game! The kids were okay, scott got a bit annoyed with them, but they were okay and ended up winning! Great game to go to.  The pitcher was brought up from triple A and he threw a no-hitter until the 7th inning I believe it was! He was fantastic!


Lastly, My hubby is also now exercising! I LOVE IT! And I cannot wait for him to start seeing results!

Have a Happy Memorial Day! ~katie

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tired and lazy…

Good Afternoon,

Well I am just now “waking” up after working 12 hour night shifts all weekend.  Last week was a great week for me from an exercise standpoint, but over the weekend when I work from 7p-7a and sleep from 815-3 or 4pm it is so challenging to get motivated to wake up and immediately exercise, knowing that I am choosing exercise over playing with the kids or seeing my hubby.  So, friday was a good workout day- I honestly am not sure what I did but I know it was a good workout and that I lifted weights-a lot- as my butt is still sore! which is a good thing-in my book! Saturday I did not exercise at all as I slept until almost 5pm and had just enough time to get up, shower, eat and head back to work.  But, sleep is so important for me physically and mentally! Sunday I slept terribly, and when I finally got out of bed at 230 I knew the babysitter could only stay until 3pm, so I tossed on my running clothes and got in a half hour run.  Then I came home and did a little bit of plyometrics, but the kids both woke up within about 15 minutes of that so instead I just did a little ab work and then took the kids for a 45 minute walk.  Even that seemed draining to me.  I could tell I had slept poorly! then it was back to work for another night and home this am, just in time so my hubby could go to work and I could stay home with the kids Sad smile They were good little monkeys for the most part this AM.  Henry watched two cartoons and then turned the TV off and the two of them just did puzzles, a couple games and some coloring.  They also dumped out a quarter of the box of cinnamon chex all over the living room carpet…again, oh well…the vacuum took care of that! I finally got motivated to wake up for good around 1200.  Made some lunch and cleaned up the house! whew! I feel much better now, oh and I lit a candle and opened windows! so now I am hoping to do tae bo and maybe my abs and butt video and then later take the kids for a walk again, hopefully a bit faster than yesterday and for a full hour so I can get my two hours of exercise in today at least! It is planting time here, so scott plans to come home from work and head right out to the field so no run for me today, which does bum me out.  I love a nice peaceful run. 

I sold our double jogging stroller last summer I believe, it was a unique design that I had ordered, because the kids were so close that it had one seat in front and one in back-not side by side- and I loved it, but H was just getting too big for it, but now I am wondering if that was the right decision.  The only double stroller I have is a sit and stand, and it is a bus to push, I just cannot stand it.  So, last night I looked all over the internet for cheap or used double joggers and really did not have luck finding one on craigslist or anything, everyone wants 100-300 for a used one…NO thanks! So, our single jogger is a baby trend expedition, so I ordered a double one from walmart, surprisingly it was only 149 and the reviews were great.  I LOVE my single jogger.  The only thing I do not like Is that it does not have a swivel wheel in front, but for running I absolutely do not want a swivel wheel.  But, I cannot wait to get it! Then I can at least walk at my normal fast pace on a walk and/or jog with the kids!

well, I better get moving if I hope to get a workout in while the kids are napping!

Hope you are enjoying your Monday ~ Katie 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tired Legs

This past week has been beautiful here in MN! Finally! I have not taken a day off in over a week, because it is just so nice outside! I have also not ran on the treadmill in eons, which is really good for me! I run faster outside and push myself a bit harder outside-I do wish I had a Garmin though-then I would be able to prove that I am in fact faster outside. Here is a recap of my workouts, or at least what I can remember at 3AM!

Wednesday- Ran 1 hour outside, Exercise video (I think) and maybe gym?!?!
Thursday - Ran outdoors pushing Olivia on our gravel/paved path for 80 minutes (Usually do not run two days in a row, so i was impressed with myself!), Ex./strength video 40 minutes, gym 60 on elliptical
Friday - Ran 3.2 miles in 22 minutes, Biked 60 minutes, Ran 3.2 miles in 24 minutes (my legs were exhausted), Biked 5 minutes to gym, Elliptical for 40 minutes, biked back home..whew! (And I felt fat this day-why?!? Must have been the water retention!) -Oh and I slept terrible this night-how? After such a great workout?!?!
Saturday - Elliptical 60, biked 30, craft show with kids, grocery shopping, gardening-lots!, prom, BUSY day-I was exhausted!
Sunday - Mother's Day! Workout video for 57 minutes- whew- it was a killer! was hoping to run, but my legs were way too exhausted from my strength video to run! so...elliptical for 60 - interval training- and biked 15 or 30 minutes???
Monday - Strength video again - 35 minutes - was about 44 minutes long, but my legs were pooped and I NEEDED to run so I had to cut it short! Then, after napping for an hour and a half I hit snooze on my alarm clock and tried to go back to sleep and reset my alarm for 430-I really did not want to get up and go for a run...but then, i noticed it was beautiful outside! So, up I got, the babysitter arrived..and I headed out for an hour run-but it was WINDY! whew! but, ran for an hour-lots of hills-lots of wind! then finished with a 25 minute walk. I also had a terrible celiac stomachache - ugh- i hate them! But, I made great oatmeal bars yesterday - so it was kind of worth it! But, YUCK!

Now I am at work tonight, then sleep all day and I am hoping for a bike ride this afternoon for 30 minutes and an hour on the elliptical, and an ab workout! Then back to work again tonight!

I am still debating doing the med-city marathon at the end of may-just not sure I really feel like it...we will see! .....

Have a great day ~Katie

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

finally...the warm up!

Well, it is finally warming up a little outside. I was hoping to go for a long run on Sunday, but it was way too cold and windy for me! So it was off the the gym again! I am getting a little bit sick of going there. I have noticed myself braving the cooler temps in the past month or two and just going outside for a run because I am so bored with the treadmill. We also have a new bike path in Zumbrota, which is fantastic! It is in a lovely wooded area, so even if it is windy you cannot tell quite as much as you can if you are running on a road. I love it!

Since the marathon I have been debating doing another marathon in May or do i wait and just do one in the fall? I dont know?!?!? It was an awesome experience in Boston and i would love to repeat that! but, I think it was so fun because of all the people there! I do worry about the one at the end of May being too warm and too few people that it might be a little boring compared to boston! I am for sure doing my triathlon again in June (just the sprint length). Only for the reason that it is something different to do, and it totally freaks me out-so why not! Maybe I can beat my time from last year and place in the top three of my age group-that is my goal anyways! Other than that race I really do not have much planned, I might do the 5K in our town and see if I can get in under 21 minutes, but who knows! I am not a big fan of 5K's - IMO they are a waste of money because you pay $25 and get a tshirt that I never wear and run for 20 minutes, when i could totally do that on my own for free! But, it is good for my speed training, as i do very little speed work. I am hoping to save up some money and buy a garmin in the next few weeks/month, because I think that is the only way that I will really start improving my time. Otherwise I just go out for an hour run and guesstimate how far I ran! Not real accurate, but I do enjoy just running and not worrying about my time. And I am happy with my times at my previous races! Then in August I might do the Ragnar Relay with my brother and his wife and a few other people they know, but I have not heard any more on that, so who knows! This fall I am hoping to find a marathon to do somewhere within driving distance from here that could be a little weekend vacation for us!

So onto my workout since my last post...

Mostly gym, because it has been cold, rainy and windy, and even a little snowy here!

But, last Thursday i ran in shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt when it was like 37 degrees-brrr...but it felt good to be outdoors! (got in an hour long run, I had a babysitter for exactly one hour-so she walked in-I said, "the kids are sleeping, see you in an hour" and left! when i rtned they were still asleep!)
Friday-Gym and exercise video which was SO hard, my legs seriously were still sore on Monday when i did it again! SO good!
Saturday-nothing-I worked friday night so I slept all day saturday then we went for a drive with the kids to go get cheese curds in WI and went and ate at the Pickle Factory in Pepin WI-it was delicious and the kids loved not eating, but watching the trains go by as we ate!
Sunday-gym-way too cold! Did run 4.5 miles in 30 minutes, so i was happy with this! but then I was too tired for any more! Had a great ab workout.
Monday afternoon I did get in an 80 minutes run-which was beautiful! and also did my plyometrics video which was 45 minutes. Was sore! Worked Mon Night
Tuesday-Slept! and then went for an hour bike ride-it was windy, but good and beautiful! then gym for a 10 minute run and elliptical for 30 minutes before getting ready for work again!

Today I will go home and sleep and prob do my video again, maybe get a run in for an hour? clean house and that is about it! play with the kids!

On Thursday, My Henry turns 4!!! FOUR!
OMG!!! i cannot believe it!

He is so excited! We are going to go out to eat for supper that night I think to Chuck-E-Cheese and maybe the Circus or a movie!

Have a great night or day!