Monday, January 3, 2011

Celiacs...oh how i hate thee...

So, I have Celiacs. I cannot stand having it. Yesterday I made waffles (gf) for myself and then some regular ones for my hubby and kids...well at one point totally not thinking I used my knife to put butter on their waffles and then used it to add butter to mine. So, all day I have had an ongoing stomachache. It is so awful.

Yesterday was a day off from the gym for me. I just did my Ultimate Tae-Bo video and another little video for a total of 1 hour of exercise. Lots of cleaning/organizing at home.

Today, since I did not feel real well I was not sure if I would go to the gym or not. But, I could not find a babysitter for after school, so I just figured that was Gods way of saying no gym today. I did a differend tae bo video this afternoon for 35 minutes, a 15 minute ab video and a 15 minute butt video. But...then hubby came home from work and I just figured I could go run a slow hour on the treadmill at the gym and watch te news and wheel of fortune, it would not be that bad! I ended up having an awesome 8.15 mile run at 1-2% incline and a thirty minute elliptical workout. Now I feel much better, still have a bad stomachache, but it is amazing how much better a run, some socialization and alone time makes me feel.

Hope your week is going well! ~Katie

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