Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday Exercise Report

Good Morning,

so yesterday was a good day because scott came home from his little mini vacation so I was able to go to the gym when he came home and did not have to pay for a babysitter! my workout was a 60 minute interval workout on the treadmill going from odd minutes were running at 7.0mph at 10-15% incline and even minutes were walking at 5.0 mph at 10-15% incline. Great workout! Then the elliptical for 45 minutes and the bike for 15 minutes. All in all a good workout!

I am trying to decide what other runs to do other than the Boston marathon this year. So over the upcoming week I am going to try to look at runs in MN and possibly where we are going to vacation and see if I can get any of our vacations to line up with a few races. I am also going to start plotting out a few camping trips over the summer, so that we might be able to arrange a trip or two with others! It is so much more fun for the kids and scott and i if others come with!

Have a great day~Katie

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  1. Nice workout! Thanks for the comment!! I am laughing right now at your last post and the Ann Taylor fiasco! Too funny!

    Congrats on Boston! You will LOVE it-great experience!! Yes-it is freezing up here. I do a lot of my easy and long running outside though. I love the cold air, just hate the ice. For speedwork in the winter, I'm often resorted to the treadmill because they barely even plow the roads around here!!!

    Good luck with the training. Sounds like you are one busy lady!!