Monday, January 10, 2011


Good Morning,

Well saturday morning started with a trip to the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical, 15 of walking at 5mph and 15%incline, and biking for 15 minutes then a quick ab workout.

Then we headed up to my brothers house near alexandria, a 3 hour drive away for nephews 6th bday party. it was a great day. we did not do too much, but in the afternoon we did get outside for a little 'sledding' -we just pulled kids in the sleds out on the lake. by the time we got out there i was sweating away!

Yesterday was a day full of homework for me (i had to do some discussion responses, a 3-5 page paper, a plan of study, and another assignment). I really spent a large part of the day doing that and then cleaning house. i was really going to try to squeeze in the gym or a workout, but there just was not a great time to do it and that is the way it goes sometimes! so the kids and i did do a fwe jumping jacks and push ups...if they count for anything! I am really hoping to get in a nice run this afternoon, get on the elliptical (after my babysitter comes over after school) and maybe a tae bo video to make up for yesterdays lack of anything (before the babysitter arrives!).

Tonight it is off to work for the night and tomorrow night again.

I am currently debating applying for a job that would be FT days...just not sure that is what I want. Maybe later today I will apply for it, I can always go to an interview and not get it or not accept the job offer. My biggest question is the pay, would it be enough to cover daycare costs for FT daycare.

It is already snowing here and it sounds like it is going to snow through today and tomorrow. Hopefully we do not get too much snow.


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  1. My husband is from Alexandria-wierd! Laziness means you sit on the couch when you have plenty of time to work out. Doesn't sound like you were doing that at all!!! Good luck deciding on the job! I sure hope we don't get any more snow!