Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Recap

Glad you all could join me as I start blogging about my Exercise Life. I have been reading more and more running blogs lately and decided that maybe I should start doing one too. I already have the family blog at henryscottmorgan.blogspot.com, but hopefully this will be a great addition! I am going to start with a recap of 2010 highlights:

January: Nothing Exciting, regular training NO resolution!
February: Olivia turned 1. I ran the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon-it was freezing, in my book, but i think was like 15 degrees or something. I placed 3rd I think and my time was around 1:40 or 1:45 which I was very happy with considering how darn cold it was and the fact that I am a treadmill runner in the winter when it is freezing out!
March-May-Really nothing other than regular exercise/running. Henry turned 3!
June- My first triathlon-only with the encouragement from my MIL and my kids and parents there cheering me on! It was CRAZY! Swam .25 miles, Biked 10, and Ran 5K-1:10 Placed 4th in my age group! Considering I had not ever practiced swimming, like truly the last time I had been in water with a swimsuit on was for H and Os swimming lessons in March. And I ended up finishing the swimming portion in 8:40...impressive for me! I thought there was NO way I was going to do a triathlon again!
October-Ran Whistlestop Marathon with the hopes of qualifying for Boston...and did! 3:39 minutes....amen! signed up for Boston marathon and was confirmed! so...Boston 2011 here I come!
End of October I ran the MonsterDash 10 mile in 1:12...??? Not sure exactly, but my time was something like that! Placed 2nd for women/or my age group again, not exactly sure...but either way, pretty good!
Now, I am just trying to look ahead to 2011 and make a plan to stay focused!

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