Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wiped out...

Well today was a great day, I got a great workout this am and then went to the MOA with my sister, my kids and her son! I ended up getting a pair of grey dress pants, black dress pants and three pairs of jeans, 5 shirts and one dress, along with three pairs of earrings, two headbands and a few hair clips. (The only thing I bought for the kids was a pair of new tennis shoes for Henry from Nordstrom Rack for 20.00-nikes-and he also got a pair of Puma shorts) I was proud of myself for limiting my buying of childrens clothes, as neither of them need any more clothes right now!

My sister and I did have a VERY interesting experience with the poor sales lady at Ann Taylor Loft (my favorite store ever!). I loved this eggplant colored jacket, but they only had it in size 2 and size 14. The sales lady says something along the lines of "oh yeah you wont fit in those, what size did you need?" I reply that normally a size 4 in a jacket. She responds with "oh really, you are a size four? I thought you to be a different size a 2 or something..." (um, did you not just say that I would not fit in the size 2?!?!?!) then she goes on to say "well, because I am a size 4, again not sure what this meant??!?! My sister and i were laughing so hard, I had such a hard time keeping a straight face until we were out of the store. Poor girl, but it really made me question what size she thought i was?!?! who knows, made for a great laugh!

But we got to the MOA at 1145 and we did not leave until around 530 or 545, wow, lots of walking in high heeled boots! My feet are enjoying this rest at home!

So, my workout this am consisted of running 8.0 miles at 1-2% incline over 61 minutes. I was hoping for exactly one hour, but i just could not get into running very fast until thirty minutes. One of the challenges of a small gym is the lack of motivation from other runners. That was one thing I loved about the YMCA, at least there was always someone running and others always exercising hard so I could get a little inspiration from them, not so much at our gym in Zta. Thankfully someone was running for about a half hour of my run!

Then, I hopped on the elliptical for 45 minutes, that were rather challenging!
Followed by lunges, squats and ab work!

GREAT workout! Felt so good afterwards and happy that I had a babysitter this morning, even though it cost me 13.00 to go workout today! oh well, the price of happiness!

tomorrow my hubby comes home from his little vacation, so them i should not need a babysitter again for a few days!

hope you had a great workout today too!


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