Monday, July 22, 2013

Work weekend!

Working all weekend night shifts = one tired mom/wife/nurse! I cannot wait until Tuesday morning when I can wake up and feel refreshed again. A brief synopsis of my weekend workout wise:

Saturday-Elliptical 45 minutes, Bike 10 minutes (recummbent bike at gym), Walk outside 35 minutes
Work 12 hours
Sunday-Sleep most of day, homework, and 13 mile bike ride in 45 minutes! Great ride. Nice and peaceful.

I am currently battling some bad stomach problems related to my Celiac's and lymphocytic colitis. I have been having lots of stomachaches. I am really hoping that this week I can get some answers to try to fix this problem and start feeling a bit better, but for now Pepto Bismol will continue to be my friend!

Goals for this week:

1. Have fun with the kids! (Monday-nothing too much, Tuesday-Zoo/Oxbow Park, Wednesday-Lake City swimming/hiking at Frontenac SP, Thursday-I have a school shadowing experience so not much, Friday-Waterpark/campground with in-laws, Saturday-biking in Lanesboro/maybe campground/swimming, Work party, Sunday-shopping and prepping for Duluth trip during week....)

2. Run 12 miles Tuesday at 7:45 pace
    Run 2-8 mile runs during the week
    Bike 55 miles
    Daily HIIT 3x
    Ab workout 3x

3. Limit gym time and maximize outdoor time!

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