Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday Workouts/Work Week

So, I have been off of work since July 4th and it has been awesome! I have had so much fun playing with the kids, swimming, camping, and relaxing. Now, this week is the exact opposite. I work 5-12 hour night shifts...I am going to be exhausted come next Monday morning! However, then I will be off until August 6th! I cannot wait! During that two week vacation we are going to have more fun!

Yesterday's workout consisted of walking with Olivia in the stroller for an hour, 60 minutes on the elliptical and a 22 minute dailyhiit workout. I did change the workout a bit, because some moves for me just do not workout the way they look in their videos...so...

Intervals 10 seconds rest, 30 seconds exercise 35 rounds

Reverse lunge, bicep curl and shoulder press with sandbag

Side Lunge with 15 #dumbbell

Push up to T Right and Left

Sumo squat with sandbag (2 rounds I did with DB and did woodchops, as described on dailyhiit, but I could not get the hang of it so i just did SB sumo squats instead)

V-abs with ball (Large Yoga ball between feet, leg lift, ab lift to get ball, lower ball over head, then back up to get ball with feet)

Row Plank with 10# dumbbells

Up-Down Plank

It was a great way to end my workout!

The best part is I got home from the gym and my hubby was grilling BBQ chicken breasts! Delicious!


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