Thursday, July 18, 2013

Minnesota summers

Today was a great day, although very hot! Olivia and i went for a run around 10 am and it was already 87 degrees and muggy. :( so todays 8 miler was a bit slower than normal with many more water/wipe off breaks! Thankfully we survived and olivia just wanted to talk, talk, talk..... We came home and i mowed lawn.... Another sweat fest! 
At the park playing post-run....
My new pair of brooks adrenelines i wore today! I love them just as i did my pair that ive worn for the past month and that now have holes from too much wear! 

Olivia swinging on the bars, she is so good at them! 
Olivias photography skills.... She wanted me to look like i was running! 

After the run, park and lawn mowing i headed to the gym for a bit....i hit up the elliptical and watched some sleepless in seattle! Then did a dailyhiit routine for about 20 minutes! And my legs and abs certainly feel it! 

Target was calling my name today so we headed there this afternoon and found some great deals.... Lots of 50-70% off!!! My kind of shopping!
Here is a photo of all the toys i bought (i do have 9, soon to be 10 nieces and nephews) 

Well off to bed!! I have 36 hours of night shifts to prepare for, but then 2 more weeks off! I cannot wait!!! 


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