Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Run, zoo, tuesday fun!

Another day with no peanut butter, or nsaids, and tolerable abdominal pain. I am hoping it is helping my gut....but i also did get an appt with my gi doc in 2 weeks, so that should help me figure out my lymphocytic colitis plan of action. :( 

This morning started off with an 8 mile run, i was hoping for 12 today but that will wait til thursday. Henry biked himself and i wasnt certain he was ready for 12 miles; however, i think he would have made it! 

Then we went to the Como zoo in St.paul, MN. If you are ever in MN it is a great zoo to visit! Free admission, sea lion shows, lots of small animal exhibits throughout zoo (snakes, parrots, etc.) with staff talking about each animal. The kids love it! They also have rides ($), which we do not always do, but did today! We also brought my nephew with today so the kids had a blast! 

When we got home the kids enjoyed having their cousin here and played outside, ate supper, then went to the ball field while i went biking! I had a great ride. It was nice and peaceful after a day filled with kids laughter, screams, and fun!

Here are a few photos to recap the day.....


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