Tuesday, May 3, 2011

finally...the warm up!

Well, it is finally warming up a little outside. I was hoping to go for a long run on Sunday, but it was way too cold and windy for me! So it was off the the gym again! I am getting a little bit sick of going there. I have noticed myself braving the cooler temps in the past month or two and just going outside for a run because I am so bored with the treadmill. We also have a new bike path in Zumbrota, which is fantastic! It is in a lovely wooded area, so even if it is windy you cannot tell quite as much as you can if you are running on a road. I love it!

Since the marathon I have been debating doing another marathon in May or do i wait and just do one in the fall? I dont know?!?!? It was an awesome experience in Boston and i would love to repeat that! but, I think it was so fun because of all the people there! I do worry about the one at the end of May being too warm and too few people that it might be a little boring compared to boston! I am for sure doing my triathlon again in June (just the sprint length). Only for the reason that it is something different to do, and it totally freaks me out-so why not! Maybe I can beat my time from last year and place in the top three of my age group-that is my goal anyways! Other than that race I really do not have much planned, I might do the 5K in our town and see if I can get in under 21 minutes, but who knows! I am not a big fan of 5K's - IMO they are a waste of money because you pay $25 and get a tshirt that I never wear and run for 20 minutes, when i could totally do that on my own for free! But, it is good for my speed training, as i do very little speed work. I am hoping to save up some money and buy a garmin in the next few weeks/month, because I think that is the only way that I will really start improving my time. Otherwise I just go out for an hour run and guesstimate how far I ran! Not real accurate, but I do enjoy just running and not worrying about my time. And I am happy with my times at my previous races! Then in August I might do the Ragnar Relay with my brother and his wife and a few other people they know, but I have not heard any more on that, so who knows! This fall I am hoping to find a marathon to do somewhere within driving distance from here that could be a little weekend vacation for us!

So onto my workout since my last post...

Mostly gym, because it has been cold, rainy and windy, and even a little snowy here!

But, last Thursday i ran in shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt when it was like 37 degrees-brrr...but it felt good to be outdoors! (got in an hour long run, I had a babysitter for exactly one hour-so she walked in-I said, "the kids are sleeping, see you in an hour" and left! when i rtned they were still asleep!)
Friday-Gym and exercise video which was SO hard, my legs seriously were still sore on Monday when i did it again! SO good!
Saturday-nothing-I worked friday night so I slept all day saturday then we went for a drive with the kids to go get cheese curds in WI and went and ate at the Pickle Factory in Pepin WI-it was delicious and the kids loved not eating, but watching the trains go by as we ate!
Sunday-gym-way too cold! Did run 4.5 miles in 30 minutes, so i was happy with this! but then I was too tired for any more! Had a great ab workout.
Monday afternoon I did get in an 80 minutes run-which was beautiful! and also did my plyometrics video which was 45 minutes. Was sore! Worked Mon Night
Tuesday-Slept! and then went for an hour bike ride-it was windy, but good and beautiful! then gym for a 10 minute run and elliptical for 30 minutes before getting ready for work again!

Today I will go home and sleep and prob do my video again, maybe get a run in for an hour? clean house and that is about it! play with the kids!

On Thursday, My Henry turns 4!!! FOUR!
OMG!!! i cannot believe it!

He is so excited! We are going to go out to eat for supper that night I think to Chuck-E-Cheese and maybe the Circus or a movie!

Have a great night or day!


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