Monday, May 16, 2011

Tired and lazy…

Good Afternoon,

Well I am just now “waking” up after working 12 hour night shifts all weekend.  Last week was a great week for me from an exercise standpoint, but over the weekend when I work from 7p-7a and sleep from 815-3 or 4pm it is so challenging to get motivated to wake up and immediately exercise, knowing that I am choosing exercise over playing with the kids or seeing my hubby.  So, friday was a good workout day- I honestly am not sure what I did but I know it was a good workout and that I lifted weights-a lot- as my butt is still sore! which is a good thing-in my book! Saturday I did not exercise at all as I slept until almost 5pm and had just enough time to get up, shower, eat and head back to work.  But, sleep is so important for me physically and mentally! Sunday I slept terribly, and when I finally got out of bed at 230 I knew the babysitter could only stay until 3pm, so I tossed on my running clothes and got in a half hour run.  Then I came home and did a little bit of plyometrics, but the kids both woke up within about 15 minutes of that so instead I just did a little ab work and then took the kids for a 45 minute walk.  Even that seemed draining to me.  I could tell I had slept poorly! then it was back to work for another night and home this am, just in time so my hubby could go to work and I could stay home with the kids Sad smile They were good little monkeys for the most part this AM.  Henry watched two cartoons and then turned the TV off and the two of them just did puzzles, a couple games and some coloring.  They also dumped out a quarter of the box of cinnamon chex all over the living room carpet…again, oh well…the vacuum took care of that! I finally got motivated to wake up for good around 1200.  Made some lunch and cleaned up the house! whew! I feel much better now, oh and I lit a candle and opened windows! so now I am hoping to do tae bo and maybe my abs and butt video and then later take the kids for a walk again, hopefully a bit faster than yesterday and for a full hour so I can get my two hours of exercise in today at least! It is planting time here, so scott plans to come home from work and head right out to the field so no run for me today, which does bum me out.  I love a nice peaceful run. 

I sold our double jogging stroller last summer I believe, it was a unique design that I had ordered, because the kids were so close that it had one seat in front and one in back-not side by side- and I loved it, but H was just getting too big for it, but now I am wondering if that was the right decision.  The only double stroller I have is a sit and stand, and it is a bus to push, I just cannot stand it.  So, last night I looked all over the internet for cheap or used double joggers and really did not have luck finding one on craigslist or anything, everyone wants 100-300 for a used one…NO thanks! So, our single jogger is a baby trend expedition, so I ordered a double one from walmart, surprisingly it was only 149 and the reviews were great.  I LOVE my single jogger.  The only thing I do not like Is that it does not have a swivel wheel in front, but for running I absolutely do not want a swivel wheel.  But, I cannot wait to get it! Then I can at least walk at my normal fast pace on a walk and/or jog with the kids!

well, I better get moving if I hope to get a workout in while the kids are napping!

Hope you are enjoying your Monday ~ Katie 

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