Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recovery Post-Boston!

Since returning home from Boston, I have felt great! My legs, feet, knees have not bothered me at all.  After my marathon last fall I had a sore knee for a week or two, so I am very happy that I do not have this problem now!

So last week I actually ran 1 mile on Tuesday (the day after the marathon) and did the elliptical for 45 minutes.

Wednesday-Ran 30 minutes (b/n 7.5mph-8.5mph!) Again, I was happy with this.  Also biked for 30 or 45 minutes, and did the elliptical again.  Tried to do my normal weight routine, but figured out really quickly that my legs could not handle squats or lunges yet!


Thursday-Ran 60 minutes pushing Olivia in the stroller, tae-bo, ab video and elliptical at gym

Friday-walk, elliptical, bike-worked a night shift

Saturday-Ran 10 minutes (was too tired after working all night and sleeping all day to get up and get moving too quickly!)  and elliptical for 90 minutes, and biked for 20 minutes  and then went to work for 12 hours overnight again!

Sunday- Ran 45 minutes, walked 10 minutes spent a few hours with the kids for Easter! then, back to work again for another 12 hour night shift! Smile Fun, Fun, Fun!

Monday-Came home to sleep and actually had a babysitter, since the HS was off for spring break yet! So, I was going to sleep until 1pm since she wanted to leave around 130, but I woke up a 440pm instead! OMG…I could not believe I slept that long! I came out of our bedroom and our lovely babysitter was still here, the kids were napping! But, she was so sweet and said she just could not leave while I was sleeping!

Needless to say, Monday was no workout since I slept all day and then I finally had a chance to see the kids for a few minutes!

Tuesday-Today-had a class for work-YUCK! I hate working day shifts-so class started at 7am, and yes, I just left work yesterday at 7am! whatever…but during our hour lunch break I brought clothes with so I could get a run in, and even though it was raining I still ventured out for a run and got soaked, but it really was bizarrely beautiful! I really enjoyed just the quiet time.  So, I ended up getting a 50 minutes run in, even though everyone that I was in class with could not believe that I actually went running in the pouring rain! Then after class, since I had not had a great workout in a couple of day I decided I better head to the gym and finish my hour run and do the elliptical for an hour!

Tomorrow the agenda is for another hour long run-on the treadmill as it is supposed to be cold, rainy and possibly snowy it sounds like.  And the elliptical for 45-60, bike 15-30 and weights and abs! And clean up my house! whew.  I cannot stand a mess, but at the same time after working three night shifts in a row and then a day immediately after I just do not have the energy to do too much.  Thankfully, my hubby did all the laundry and the dishes today! I am so grateful!

Hope you are all having a great week!


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