Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tired Legs

This past week has been beautiful here in MN! Finally! I have not taken a day off in over a week, because it is just so nice outside! I have also not ran on the treadmill in eons, which is really good for me! I run faster outside and push myself a bit harder outside-I do wish I had a Garmin though-then I would be able to prove that I am in fact faster outside. Here is a recap of my workouts, or at least what I can remember at 3AM!

Wednesday- Ran 1 hour outside, Exercise video (I think) and maybe gym?!?!
Thursday - Ran outdoors pushing Olivia on our gravel/paved path for 80 minutes (Usually do not run two days in a row, so i was impressed with myself!), Ex./strength video 40 minutes, gym 60 on elliptical
Friday - Ran 3.2 miles in 22 minutes, Biked 60 minutes, Ran 3.2 miles in 24 minutes (my legs were exhausted), Biked 5 minutes to gym, Elliptical for 40 minutes, biked back home..whew! (And I felt fat this day-why?!? Must have been the water retention!) -Oh and I slept terrible this night-how? After such a great workout?!?!
Saturday - Elliptical 60, biked 30, craft show with kids, grocery shopping, gardening-lots!, prom, BUSY day-I was exhausted!
Sunday - Mother's Day! Workout video for 57 minutes- whew- it was a killer! was hoping to run, but my legs were way too exhausted from my strength video to run! so...elliptical for 60 - interval training- and biked 15 or 30 minutes???
Monday - Strength video again - 35 minutes - was about 44 minutes long, but my legs were pooped and I NEEDED to run so I had to cut it short! Then, after napping for an hour and a half I hit snooze on my alarm clock and tried to go back to sleep and reset my alarm for 430-I really did not want to get up and go for a run...but then, i noticed it was beautiful outside! So, up I got, the babysitter arrived..and I headed out for an hour run-but it was WINDY! whew! but, ran for an hour-lots of hills-lots of wind! then finished with a 25 minute walk. I also had a terrible celiac stomachache - ugh- i hate them! But, I made great oatmeal bars yesterday - so it was kind of worth it! But, YUCK!

Now I am at work tonight, then sleep all day and I am hoping for a bike ride this afternoon for 30 minutes and an hour on the elliptical, and an ab workout! Then back to work again tonight!

I am still debating doing the med-city marathon at the end of may-just not sure I really feel like it...we will see! .....

Have a great day ~Katie

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