Friday, November 9, 2012

Leggings, Running, and Christmas

Happy Friday!

It is such a great day for most, but for me it means 3 nights of work...

Last night the family went to run some errands and we stopped by Old Navy because H needed a new coat. Well, we definetely came home with more than a coat. I bought my first pair of leggings. (I know, I am a bit delayed in the fashion world) But, I have had no idea what you are supposed to wear with them. Do you need a long cardigan over the top? Do you wear a dress over them? I am just kind of lost... But, I bought these leggings and a dress similar to this  I cannot find the exact same dress....Women's V-Neck Sweater DressesWomen's Stretch Leggings

But,  they looked cute at the store and when we got home I tried them on with some knee high brown boots and a brown flower belt and Hubby even thought it looked super cute. He even went on to say it made me look really thin...he knows I will wear it if he says that! Any suggestions for what to wear with leggings?


Last week, the day after I posted I ran 15.8 miles in 2:00:00 while pushing Olivia. I was very happy with that and was not sore the next day, which I was quite surprised about!

I have otherwise just done my normal ~8  miles every other day, walking, biking, and elliptical use at the gym. I am hoping to get out with Olivia this afternoon for either an 8 mile run and a 5 mile walk or a 16  mile run...we will see how my legs feel this afternoon, after I take a nap in a few minutes!

The latest bodyrock workout I did was:

Set timer for 10/50 4 rounds
Crab Toe Touches (I did about 30 each time)
Dive Bombers (I did 9-8)

Reset timer for 6R 10/10
Jump Lunges and Mt Climbers (JL,MC,JL,MC,etc.) with no rest in between. (JL~11, MC~15)

Reset again for 10/50 4Rounds
One Leg Hot Attack (One leg squat down, power up, leg back, leg down, switch legs)
Thigh Shrinker exercise (sumo squat, r leg side up, l leg side up, jump up)

Reset again for 6R 10/10
JL/Mt Climbers again...whew your legs will be tired and you will so want to quit here, but DO NOT!

You will feel it the next day...I am right now, but really focus on form. You can go to Body Rock and search the above exercises to see proper form, maybe someday i will upload a video! coming! I cannot believe it! We stopped at Walmart to get a few things and I decided I better let the kids try some bikes out to see what size we will need to buy them, as that will be there gift from SC!

Have a great weekend! Hope you get to do something fun!


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