Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer it here!!!


So, Summer is finally here in Minnesota.  It does feel lovely! We do not have AC in our house, so it has been a bit warm inside, but that makes us all want to be outside a bit more! Since my last post, I have been doing great with my exercising! This past week was the hardest, because we were camping with the kids and it is challenging to get alone time. The place we camped at Kamp Dels had a gym there-which is SO rare for a campground-that I thought I loved that idea, but to the amazement of my hubby I did not go once while we were there! The weather was perfect everyday and the bike trail was only a mile away. One day I took the kids for a 30 minute run/30 minute walk and an 80 minute bike ride in the afternoon (since they would not nap! Thankfully they did in the bike trailer) and we swam in the pool for about an hour and a half! So that was enough exercise for one day for this momma! The next day I took them both for a 75 minute run and 20 minute walk in the morning since O woke up early she napped for much of the ride! Additionally, I bike alone that afternoon for an hour and fifteen minutes! The bike trail was great and I felt like I was going quite fast. I do not have an odometer thing on my bike, but based on our mileage I would think that it was about 20 miles round trip. So that was good for me! We also went swimming again for an hour to an hour and a half and I did some lunges, squats and a few other random exercises in the pool while playing with the kids! The following day, yesterday, I ran 30/walked 30 with the kids, then walked with them yesterday afternoon for an hour when we got home (again, because they did not want to take naps when we got home! But, again, thankfully they both fell asleep almost immediately in the stroller!) Last night my MIL and I biked on a new bike path in Zumbrota, which was about 12 miles. It was a lovely evening for a bike ride, except that I thought I was constantly eating bugs! But, it could have been because I do not stop talking. I am SO used to exercising all by myself and not talking to anyone that I love it when I have someone to talk to! Today, I ran for 45 minutes with O this morning, then finished my hour at the gym…it was getting too hot this AM and we needed to run a few errands before naptime! I also did the E for an hour…but, I am starting to enjoy being outside much more than at the gym. I cannot remember the last time I ran at the gym. It does seem so much more boring to me since I have been running outdoors all summer! But, come the first 35 degree day and I will be all over the treadmill again! I also did two bodyrock workouts today…they are SO awesome! I can see a difference. I wish I would eat better so that I could really see the changes, but I can just feel my abs much more now than ever before and I am starting to see a tighter, more defined midsection! The one from yesterday was Cardio Legs and Core-it was good and I was dripping sweat everywhere at the end of that 24 minutes! I also did the summer abs workout, which was from the previous day. I did one last week that TOTALLY wiped me out! I will have to search back to see which one it was, but by the end my body was so exhausted…but felt so amazing!

I have decided that I will for sure do the Whistlestop marathon in Ashland, WI again this year. I was not certain that I would run it again, but why not? I do not ever use a training plan of any sort…I just kind of keep doing the same thing that I always do with a few longer runs programmed in when I can. I think I might try to schedule a few more longer runs than last year. I dread the thought of running on a saturday morning or thursday morning for 17 miles…I would much prefer to spend one hour running, one hour biking and 30 minutes on the elliptical. But…once I am out the door and on my run I am fine! And I always love it, and love the feeling when I come home. My problem lately has been needing to go to the bathroom. I get so many stomachaches. In August I finally will be able to see a dietician about it and see why? Hopefully when I get some answers that will help my problems!

Well, I need to vacuum quick before I head to bed to read the rest of my latest romance novel!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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  1. Ish-we don't have air conditioning either and it's like SWELTERING here!!! Wow, you sure managed to get some good workouts in with the kiddos! I usually run alone (by choice) too but every now and again it's so nice to have some company. I hear you on the gym in the summer too. I don't do ANY cardio there in the summer. I stick to the bike and outdoor running.

    I have some friends running Whistlestop. I hear it's a great marathon! Hope you get some answers to your stomach issues! Have a great weekend:)